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Unger Park

Unger Park prairies have been restored using seeds collected within the local Sandusky Plains Prairie Area.

Prairie Name

Unger Park


1303 Bucyrus-Nevada Rd., Bucyrus, OH 44820


Crawford Park District

Prairie History

Restored from farmland in the late 1990’s, the prairies at Unger Park have 100 species of native plants that have been reintroduced to the site.


53 acres.

Prairie Description

Unger Park lies on the west edge of Bucyrus and consists of 53 acres of restored prairie and bottomland woods. The trail system (approximately 3 miles) winds through mature prairies, forests, and along the edge of the Sandusky River.

Visitation Information

The site is managed by Crawford Park District. More information at http://www.crawfordparkdistrict.org/unger-park.html