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Terra State Community College Prairie

The Terra State  Community College prairie has long, interesting walking lanes through this created prairie landscape.


Prairie Name

Terra State Community College Prairie


This created prairie is on the Terra State Community College campus, at Fremont, Ohio; between the campus and SR 53.


The prairie is owned by Terra State Community College.

Prairie History

This prairie restoration was created in the late 1990s, converting a former row-crop agricultural field to a created prairie, for aesthetic and conservation purposes.


The prairie is approximately 60 acres

Prairie Description

This prairie was created using commercial prairie seed mixes. The site was not an original prairie.

The central upland portions were planted predominantly with little bluestem prairie grass; with adjacent lowland areas in taller switchgrass and big bluestem.

The prairie has several mowed walking lanes.

Visitation Information

Parking is convenient at the western portions of the campus, from which the prairie can be accessed.