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Persistence of Ohio Prairies

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Ohio Prairies

Ohio has many publicly-accessible prairies. Hover over and click on a prairie site, for site information, including a Google location map. Only a portion of Ohio prairies are presently included, but more, across the state, are coming. If you have a publicly-accessible prairie site to be presented, email information to OhioPrairie@aol.com.

Castalia Prairie Erie Sand Barrens State Nature Preserve McBride Arboretum Autochthonous Prairie Brecksville Metropark Praririe Wyandot Wetland Meadows Preserve East Bay Preserve Prairie Edison Woods Metropark Prairie Complex Claridon Prairie Kitty Todd State Nature Preserve Terra State Community College Prairie Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve Daughmer Bur Oak Savannah State Nature Preserve Hinckley Reservation Prairie ("Buzzard Roost") Trella Romine Prairie and Nature Preserve Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park Prairie Oaks Metro Park Sharon Woods Metro Park Demonstration Prairie Slate Run Metro Park Demonstration Prairie at Buzzard's Roost Campbell State Nature Preserve Adams Lake Prairie State Nature Preserve Chaparral Prairie State Nature Preserve Compass Plant(O.E. Anderson) Prairie State Nature Preserve Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve Perkins Schools Tallgrass Prairie NASA Plum Brook Station Prairies Bigelow Cemetery State Nature Preserve Milford Center Prairie State Nature Preserve Smith Cemetery Prairie State Nature Preserve OSU-Marion Prairie Nature Center Bro Don Geiger Prairie at Mount Saint John Unger Park Huffman Prairie Bro Don Geiger Prairie at Mount Saint John The Wilds Butterfly Prairie