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White Blue-eyed Grass


Common Name: Common or White Blue-eyed Grass

Latin Name: Sisyrinchium albidum

[Pronounced: "sis-eh-RIN-kee-um AL-bih-dum "]

Type of Plant: Forb

Identification Helps: A native, grass-like forb, growing up to 20 inches, with white or light blue to blue flowers (as in photo on left) in late May and June. Usually (when mature -- flowers to left are not) with two flowers per stem. Leaves are grasslike, long and narrow, from ground.

There are several other Blue-eyed Grasses in Ohio prairies. This species does not have flowers with long stems. Others have multiple, long flower stems and wider or narrower leaves. Identification usually requires a technical guide.

Preferred Growing Conditions in the Wild: Common Blue-eyed Grass grows in fields and prairies.

Preferred Soils: Found in most soils.

Seasons of Growth and Bloom: This forb blooms from May through early July.

Natural Distribution in Ohio: Found in all major prairie counties in Ohio.

Description and General Information: This delightful little forb begins the summer season on many prairies. It can be an interesting prairie garden plant. Flowers can be white, or shades of blue.