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Purple Milkwort


Common Name Field or Purple Milkwort

Latin Name: Polygala sanguinea

[Pronounced: "pohl-IHG-ah-luh san-gwin-EE-ah"]

Type of Plant: Forb

Identification Helps: A small (5 - 15 inches) but showy purple flower, in a cluster, as shown in photo.

Similar Species: There are several other milkworts, but this is the most common and widespread. Consult a technical manual to identify the others.

Preferred Growing Conditions in the Wild: Prefers dry to moist sand.

Seasons of Growth and Bloom: Blooms from July through October, is one of the few annuals found on prairies.

Natural Distribution in Ohio: Field Milkwort is found throughout Ohio, not just on prairies.

Description and General Information: Polygala sanguinea is well-suited to dry prairie conditions and persists down beneath the typically higher prairie vegetation. Look for this plant low to the ground and interspersed with other higher vegetation.