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Water Hemlock


Common Name Water Hemlock

Latin Name: Cicuta maculata

[Pronounced: "sye-KYUTA mack-yu-LATE-ah"]

Type of Plant: Forb

Identification Helps: A wild carrot-like plant 3 to 6 ft tall, with flowers very similar to Queen Anne’s Lace.

Similar Species: The plant looks a lot like Queen Anne’s Lace, but with slightly different leaves. Leaves are odd-pinnate or double odd-pinnate and alternate along the stems

Preferred Growing Conditions in the Wild: Prefers wet soils, often in shallow standing water.

Seasons of Growth and Bloom: Blooms in mid summer.

Natural Distribution in Ohio: Found throughout Ohio, but particularly on wet prairies.

Description and General Information: Cicuta maculata is an interesting, somewhat uncommon native wet prairie species.

Please note that all parts of the plant are EXTREMELY POISONOUS, with the roots particularly so. Don't ever take so much as a single bite of the plant, even though it closely resembles the wild carrot (Queen Anne’s Lace). Although poisonous to humans, it attracts a number of pollinating and nectaring insects. It can poison livestock that consume it.