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Ohio Prairie Hall of Fame

Paul E. Knoop, Jr.

No other single person has been so prominent in demonstrating that native prairies in Ohio could, and should be both created and restored. Before Paul’s seminal prairie accomplishments at the Aullwood Audubon Center, particularly with his creation of the Aullwood Prairie, the few prairie remnants in Ohio were regarded as just that, declining biological remnants, disappearing hold-overs from a previous century. Paul’s intelligent and innovative techniques in seeding and managing the Aullwood prairie definitively changed both the outlook and the appreciation of these unique Ohio botanical communities. Upon Paul’s example and model, others were encouraged to replicate his definitive prairie work, across the state.

It is fair to claim that Paul E Knoop, Jr. is the father of modern Ohio prairie restoration and management. By his innovative work at Aullwood, coupled with his gifted writings and talks, the Aullwood prairie expanded to the modern, 21st-century Ohio prairie story.

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