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1978 Ohio Prairies Report

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Page 1 FAQs

1. Are Prairies In Ohio?

2. What’s a Real Prairie?

4. Why Are Prairies in Ohio?

5. What Was This Long, Dry Period in Ohio?

6. Why Did Native Americans Burn Much of the Landscape?

7. Why Did Native Americans Burn the Prairies?

8. Doesn’t Frequent Fire Destroy the Prairie Plants?

9. How Can Prairie Plants Survive Frequent Fires?

10. What Happens to a Prairie Plant That Gets Grazed by Large Animals?

11. Is There Anything Prairie Plants Can’t Survive?

12. Ohio Still Has Prairie Plants. How Did These Survive into the Modern World?

Page 2 FAQs

13. How Much of Ohio Was Prairie Before Europeans Took Over?

14. If Ohio Prairies Were Destroyed Before 1900, How Can We Be Sure Where They Were?

15. Where Were These Great Ohio Prairies?

16. How Can We Know What Plants Were On Original Ohio Prairies?

17. What Kinds of Prairie Existed in Ohio?

18. Is a Savanna a Type of Prairie?

19. Weren’t Most Ohio Prairie Fires Set Naturally By Lightning, Not Humans?

Page 3 FAQs

20. What Animals Lived on Ohio Prairies?

21. What Birds Were Found on Ohio Prairies?

22. How Does the Prairie Change During the Year?

Questions (FAQs) About Ohio Prairies

Prairies are Unique Plant Communities

Get answers to prairie questions.

Click on the FAQ Pages below.

 For example, “Why did Native Americans burn the prairies?” (FAQ No. 7)

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