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Membership in OPA is easy, without cost, and encouraged for everyone with an interest in Ohio prairies. First, read and agree to support the objectives of OPA below, then fill in and submit the form.

The OPA Mission Statement  The Ohio Prairie Association is a non-profit volunteer organization that promotes knowledge, appreciation, conservation, restoration, management, and expansion of Ohio prairie communities and their native plant and animal species to individuals, conservation organizations, public agencies, educational institutions, and others with an interest in native ecosystems.

The OPA Vision Statement The Ohio Prairie Association envisions a time when Ohioans will have a strong public understanding and appreciation for Ohio prairies and their native plant and animal species; and these prairies are widely conserved, restored, managed, expanded, and are frequently encountered in the state.

To become an OPA member, simply fill in and submit the form below:

[If you have difficulty using the email form above, send the same information in an email to OhioPrairieAssoc@gmail.com ]

OPA will never share or distribute any of your submitted information, even with other conservation organizations. OPA is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

You will be a full, voting member of OPA and will receive our periodic emailings and other Ohio prairie information. We welcome your membership.

OPA has a special membership category, Life Member. Should you wish this honored designation, the OPA Constitution requires a donation to the Ohio Prairie Association of $500 or greater. Should you wish this notable membership designation with your generous donation, please email us for Life Member details at OhioPrairieAssoc@gmail.com.

Organizations, such as conservation organizations, may become Institutional Members of OPA, but such membership has no voting rights in the Association. Such membership has no dues. If interested in an Institutional Membership, contact us at OhioPrairieAssoc@gmail.com.

We welcome the input and participation of other organizations that support the goals and activities of OPA.

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