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About OPA

Formation. The Ohio Prairie Association was founded in 2000 by a number of Ohio prairie biologists and prairie enthusiasts. The need for a formal organization devoted specifically to Ohio prairies was obvious.

Governance. OPA is governed by its Board of Trustees, authorized by the organization’s constitution. Officers are selected by the Board. Trustees are elected at the Association’s Annual Meeting by the general membership in attendance. (Officers and Board of Trustees)

Membership. Membership is open and encouraged for anyone interested in Ohio prairies.

Non-Profit Organization. OPA is an IRS-recognized Section 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

Mission and Vision Statements. OPA is guided by its Mission and Vision Statements. (OPA Mission and Vision Statements)


Annual Ohio Prairie Conference Ohio has the longest series of statewide prairie conferences. A Conference is held annually in an Ohio prairie area. Expert speakers present prairie information, and local experts conduct field trips to regional prairies. A key presentation occurs at a meal or gathering associated with the Association’s Annual Meeting at the Conference.

Conferences are aimed at all interest groups and knowledge levels. The value, beauty, history, biology, and human interest of Ohio’s native grasslands are universal themes. An Ohio Prairie Conference is an informative and exciting way to become familiar with Ohio prairies. All OPA members of the public are encouraged to participate.

OPA Prairie Workshops The Association is in the process of organizing and conducting a number of Ohio Prairie Workshops. Topics under consideration include: Growing an Ohio Prairie at a Residence, How to Manage a Prairie Landscape, Growing Ohio’s Rare Prairie Plants, Prescribed Prairie Fire Technician Workshop, and others.

OPA Prairie Field Trips The Association periodically conducts prairie walks and field trips. Local prairies are visited and explained by experts familiar with prairie plants and ecology. OPA field trips are aimed at people of all interests and expertise. An OPA prairie field trip is an unmatched way to learn about Ohio prairies.