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Of Ohio’s Prairie Heritage and Future

Last updated 30 July 2018

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Membership in OPA is easy, without cost, and encouraged for everyone with an interest in Ohio prairies. First, read and agree to support the objectives of OPA below, then email us your information (below).

The OPA Mission Statement  The Ohio Prairie Association is a non-profit volunteer organization that promotes knowledge, appreciation, conservation, restoration, management, and expansion of Ohio prairie communities and their native plant and animal species to individuals, conservation organizations, public agencies, educational institutions, and others with an interest in native ecosystems.

The OPA Vision Statement The Ohio Prairie Association envisions a time when Ohioans will have a strong public understanding and appreciation for Ohio prairies and their native plant and animal species; and these prairies are widely conserved, restored, managed, expanded, and are frequently encountered in the state.

To become an OPA member, simply email to us the following:

1. First and Last Name

2. Street Mailing Address (1st and, if needed, 2nd line )

3. City, State, Zip Code

4. Email address

5. (Optional) Phone #

Plus, any questions or comments.

Email your membership information to:



We are updating our website — will have

lots of information soon.

Until then, feel free to email prairie questions; we love to convey prairie information.

The OPA website is under revision, being updated. Former

pages have been deleted, are being updated. Updated and new

information will be added incrementally. If you have questions

or suggested new information, please contact us at


Phone 419-433-5639