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The 2015 Ohio Prairie Conference, the 33rd, Saturday, 1 August, was a wonderful success. The Ohio Prairie Association thanks the staff at Aullwood Audubon Center, and the many conference planning volunteers for making this one of the best Ohio Prairie Conferences ever.

Planning has already begun for next year’s conference. We hope many Ohio prairie enthusiasts can attend. Details will announced later in the year.

Last updated 5 Aug 2015


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The Ohio Prairie Association is delighted to announce the induction of Paul E. Knoop, Jr. into the Ohio Prairie Hall of Fame.

This honor was bestowed on Paul on 1 August at the 2015 Ohio Prairie Conference, where Paul recounted in wonderful detail his seminal prairie creation and restoration efforts that he began and executed at the conference site, the Aullwood Audubon Center north of Dayton.

Paul was a most-deserving recipient of this award, inasmuch as he first devised and discovered how to grow and manage prairies in the early 1960s at Aullwood. Until then, Ohio’s scattered, existing prairie remnants were regarded as just that, curious remnants of a previous, unsettled century. Until Paul figured out how to do it, no one even thought that complex prairie botanical communities could be successfully created in Ohio. His work set the pace and proved that the restoration, creation, and sustaining management of Ohio prairie communities was possible. From his remarkable work, the modern Ohio prairie movement began — and continues with ever greater power.

(Paul’s portrait and biographic data are being assembled and will be added to the Ohio Prairie Hall of Fame webpage shortly.)

Paul E. Knoop, Jr. Inducted into Ohio Prairie Hall of Fame