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Membership in OPA is easy, without cost, and encouraged for everyone with an interest in Ohio prairies. First, read and agree to support the objectives of OPA below, then email us your information (below).

The OPA Mission Statement  The Ohio Prairie Association is a non-profit volunteer organization that promotes knowledge, appreciation, conservation, restoration, management, and expansion of Ohio prairie communities and their native plant and animal species to individuals, conservation organizations, public agencies, educational institutions, and others with an interest in native ecosystems.

The OPA Vision Statement The Ohio Prairie Association envisions a time when Ohioans will have a strong public understanding and appreciation for Ohio prairies and their native plant and animal species; and these prairies are widely conserved, restored, managed, expanded, and are frequently encountered in the state.

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Last updated 15 July 2018

                                           — Day's Events —

9am Arrival and Welcome

9:30-12 Bus Tour — Pasture & Restoration Ecology

Restoration topics covered:

*lnvasive species control: mechanical, biological, chemical

*Shift in Reclamation Approach: Along the Divide: Tree Law to Grass Law

*ODNR Natives in reclamation project: adding prairie species to reclamation               sites

Visit Lake Trail prairie habitat (20-30 minute stop)

*Solitary bee research (Megan OSU grad student)

*Prairie establishment & management, pollinator initiatives across the state

            (Mike Retterer, Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative)

Also on tour: 'typical' safari tour with sightings and information about endangered and imperiled animals from around the world including rhino, giraffe, takin, and oryx.

12:00 End Tour. Lunch at outdoor pavilion. OPA Annual Meeting for registered                         participants.

1:00-2:3O: Visit Wetland & Stream Restoration

(requires driving personal cars, 10 minute drive).

Requires walking ~20 minutes total including some hills between stops

Stop 1: Wetland Restoration: weir/berm approach

Stop 2: Stream & Riparian Restoration

Stop 3: Bat boxes

Stop 4: Healthy Forests, Healthy Wildlife project (Understory invasive                       removal and native planting)

2:30-4: Visit Butterfly Habitat (requires driving again back from wetland site to                     main parking lot)

Requires walking ~30 minutes total including one small hill between stops

Stop 1: Research on Wilds prairies: long term butterfly monitoring, vegetation                      transects (Rebecca Swab, Director of Restoration Ecology)

Stop 2: Ecosystem engineers — Active beaver dam & lodge (Pattama Ulrich,                      OSU grad student)

Stop 3: Soil microbes in prairies (Nicola Lorenz, OSU)

Stop 4: Grassland birds (Jim Dooley, Muskingum University)

Stop 5: Pollinator research (Andrew Lybbert, OSU grad student)

4pm Depart from main parking lot

2018 Ohio Prairie Conference

July 21st

Events begin at
Main Parking Lot at The Wilds
14000 International Rd   Cumberland, OH 43732

Registrations Now Closed

Have Reached Meeting Site Capacity

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