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Prairie Field Trips into Giant

NASA Plum Brook Station

Visitors are invited to this fenced NASA facility, to observe efforts to preserve rare prairie species and restore 3000 acres of original Firelands Prairie

Plum Brook Station Environmental Specialist John Blakeman will lead three 2.5hr field trips through the massive natural prairies and savannas of Plum Brook Station in Erie County, just south of Sandusky.

Pre-registration is required, so that NASA Security can make required badges to be worn while in this secure site. Visitors are encouraged to bring cameras and take photos. Native prairies, savannas, and rare prairie plants will be observed along many miles of interior highway, within the over 8000 acres of this giant aerospace facilities center.

To pre-register (required) for Sunday

2015 Plum Brook Station Natural Areas Field Trips

(2pm to 4:30pm):

1. Copy this URL to a browser, and click on it:


2. Click on Ohio.

3. Click on Erie MetroParks

4. In Main Menu, click on Register for Activities.

5. Click on 2015 Public Programs.

6. Next, select which PBS Field Trip you wish to register for:

July 26 — Click on 07 July 2015,  In the list that opens, scroll down to 07-26-15 NASA Plum Brook Field Trip

August 23 — Click on 08 August 2015,  In the list that opens, scroll down to 08-23-15 NASA Plum Brook Field Trip

September 27 —  Click on 09 September 2015,  In the list that opens, scroll down to 09-27-15 NASA Plum Brook Field Trip

7. Read the description, then click on Register.

Be sure to register at least 6 days before the event.

If anyone has any questions, please call John Blakeman 419-433-5639.

We will travel in a car caravan through Plum Brook Station, making about 8 stops along the roads inside, where the unique natural history (prairies, oak savannas, etc.) will be explained by Plum Brook Station Environmental Specialist John Blakeman.

Visitors are encouraged to take photographs. Visitors must not only pre-register, but present a photo ID at the gate (a driver’s license). Only US citizens are allowed on the visits.

Directions to NASA Plum Brook Station.

July, August, September

Prairie Field Trips